Send a StoryAnywhere via Mobile App

Use StoryAnywhere in the Mobile App to tell a quick story. You can also send a TXT message if you don't have data coverage or a smart device. Your mobile phone number must be added to your Staff Profile to send a message via TXT.

Use the Mobile App

Choose the Story Type 

  1. Open the PeopleSafe app on your mobile device. Tap Tell Your Story®,
  2. Choose the key word that is the best fit for your story: Hurt, First Aid, Fix, Risk, Close Call, Nice or Suggestion.  If several things have happened choose the most serious. 

Add Story Details

  1. Enter brief story details under What is the Story?  
  2. Drag the bar to select How Important do you think it is?  No biggie/ Bit of a worry/ Pretty Serious/ A big deal, very important. 
  3. Select either Add a Picture to provide an easy way to show what has happened or Add PDF if you are completing a process required by your Organisation.
  4. Tap Send to put your story in PeopleSafe. Your story is sent once you see the Thanks , Story Sent Successfully screen.
  5. Tap Back to Dashboard to return to the Home Screen.  

Note: A notification will be sent to your boss / manager  that you've put a story in PeopleSafe. 
         Your Organisation may have a policy on which option to select for different story types.

More about using the StoryAnywhere feature 

  • The Nice option in StoryAnywhere  can be very useful for things like Checklists.  When you submit a Storyanywhere alert there is the option to attach either a PDF, or a photo. The PDF option allows people who use editable PDF's to fill  out on their device, save them, then attached the PDF to the Nice job. Alternatively if you don't have editable PDF's, a paper form works fine; just take a photo of it and send.  If there are issues found during the checks we suggest that these are recorded via a Fix Storyanywhere alert,  if they are not able to be fixed on the spot.
  • If you are sharing a device with other staff , make sure you use your own username and password to login to the App. This means you will need to log out from the previous user, close the app, re-open it and then login, using your own login.
  • If your story isn't able to be sent in the mobile app, check you have data coverage. If you don't, send a TXT message to 4164. 
  • If you get the message: 'Sorry you are not connected to any Organisations with StoryAnywhere enabled', or no organisations appear when you click on Story Anywhere in the App (or the organisation you need to send an alert to) this means your organisation hasn't enabled the Story Anywhere App. A PeopleSafe Coordinator will need to enable the App by going to your Organisation Name > Our Organisation > Options > Edit. Scroll down to Preferences > StoryAnywhere via Mobile App Enabled. Change to Yes.  
  • The Mobile App allows you to attach just the one photograph. If you want to add more photos to the story you can add these as attachments to the StoryAnywhere Task in the web app. 
  • At the end of the StoryAnywhere story telling process:
    • The StoryAnywhere story is saved in PeopleSafe and can be found in the Stories section
    • A StoryAnywhere Review Task is automatically created 
    • Other automated tasks may be created and notifications sent

    Notifications and Access to a StoryAnywhere story are automatically given to:

    • Managers of people who use the StoryAnywhere feature ie your boss
    • PeopleSafe Coordinators (by default)
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