Send a StoryAnywhere via Mobile App

This article explains how to use the Mobile App to quickly and securely put basic details about a safety story into PeopleSafe.  

To use the Mobile App, you'll need:

  • Mobile App installed and logged in on your mobile device
  • A story to tell
  • Data Coverage or WiFi access

Put a story in PeopleSafe

Step One:

  1. Open the PeopleSafe Mobile App, this takes you to the first screen which shows all the feature options. 
  2. Tap StoryAnywhere, the What Type of Story? screen opens showing the story types.
  3. Tap the Story Type that is the best fit for your story : Hurt, First Aid, Fix, Risk, or Nice. The Story Details screen opens.
    (If several things have happened select the most serious) 

Step Two - Story Details:

  1. Tap in the box below What is the Story? Enter a brief explanation about what has happened.
  2. Slide the bar to choose How Important you think the story is.
  3. Tap Add Picture to add a picture about the story from your mobile device.   
    This is optional, but remember the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.   
  4. Include current location. Switch this option to Off if you are no longer at the location where the story happened.
  5. Tap Send  to put your story in PeopleSafe.  

Note: a Notification will be sent to your boss that you've put a story in PeopleSafe 

Step Three:  

  1. Tap OK  on the success screen to return to the Home Screen. 

Common Questions

Where has my story gone?

Your  StoryAnywhere story has been put in  PeopleSafe under StoryAnywhere Tasks and can be found there.

Who has been told about my story?

An email notification has been sent to the PeopleSafe Coordinator and to anyone who has a Manage Users security clearance for the Job/s listed on your User Profile. Most likely your boss.  

What do I do if my story isn't able to be sent? 

Check you have data coverage, if you don't, you can send a text message to 4164

What happens next?

Your story will be reviewed and decisions made on what to do next. Normally this will involve talking to you if more information is needed, or you need to be part of making the work safer.

My organisation doesn't appear on the StoryAnywhere list, so I can't send story alerts.

If no organisations appear when you click on Story Anywhere in the App (or the organisation you need to send an alert to) then your organisation hasn't enabled the Story Anywhere App. A PeopleSafe Coordinator will need to enable the App in the PeopleSafe settings. 

I can't download the App on Google Play. It's saying 'app not available in this country error'.

First the obvious one, just to make sure that we're definitely talking about the right app:

Secondly that the Google Play account is set to new Zealand. (It's the Google Play account that has the country assigned, rather than the phone or the network its on.) To check this, in Google Play, go to the Settings menu; Account > Payment methods > More payment settings  (This will take you to the Google Payments login, In Google Payments there will be an Address set, which includes a Country.)

I don't have a smart phone, so what do I do now?

You can still send in StoryAnywhere alerts if you don't have a smart phone. You'll just need to send your story in as a TXT-in alert (it's the same thing). Here is our article about TXT-in to explain everything!

I can't find the APP on my iPad, where is it?

You'll need to change your APP store search filters from 'iPad only' to 'iPhone only'. StoryAnywhere should then pop up. The APP may have some slight dimension anomalies but the APP will still function normally. 

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