Navigating the Web Application

Navigating the PeopleSafe web application is really simple. It allows you to easily find what you are looking for and get to where you want to go.
What you will see in the Application is dependent on your security clearance.

This article covers navigation for someone with security clearance of a PeopleSafe Coordinator who can see and do everything in the software. 

1. Main Navigation and Menu Bar

  1. Site Name - This is where your company or site name is displayed. If you are connected to multiple sites you can switch between your sites here.  When you click on your organisation name you can choose to view your Organisation Profile or Settings from here. 
  2. Main Menu - These tabs contain all your information. Click on them to navigate through each section; Stories, Safety Plans & Training. You will have access to Gear, Risks, People & Reports  if you have the right security level.
  3. Notifications - See at a glance what you need to do; Documents, Connect requests, Tasks and Alerts.
  4. Your Details - Click on your name to see your details, links to update your Profile, reset your Password and where to Log out.

Note: Standard Staff security level will only see what's on the navigation screen shown immediately above.

  5. Navigating screens -  use the back arrow 

2. Dashboards


The Home dashboard, gives you a 12 month summary of the activity in the 4 main areas that relate to safety in your organisation.
The dashboard is made up of  mini dash's of the areas you will be monitoring to manage safety in your organisation. Stories told, Training done, Gear checks done, Risks found, Documents added.

To the right of the screen you may like to watch our latest interview discussing some aspect of safety in New Zealand.


The Stories Dashboard lets you quickly see what's happening with Stories. The boxes show: Full Stories told in the last 30 days. Full Stories that need reviewing, StoryAnywhere Tasks that have been received and StoryAnywhere Tasks Needing Review. You can also see from those boxes: All the Stories ever told, Stories with overdue reviews, All Tasks ever created, and Tasks that are overdue.

Note: When a standard staff member clicks on Stories they will go straight to the What's the Story ? screen so they can start telling their story.


The Gear dashboard covers all your Plant and Buildings. The boxes show: A list of all your Gear, Plant and Buildings, Gear Checks Completed, Expired Gear Checks and Gear Checks Required but Never Completed. There are also some 30 day summary options.
The dashboard allows you to very quickly see what is happening around safety with your gear.

Safety Plans 

The Safety Plans dashboard covers both safety plans and risks. The boxes show: All your Safety Plans, Safety Plan Reviews that are Due,  Emergency Plans, Emergency Plan Reviews that are Due, Risks added and Unreviewed Risks. There are also some 30 day summary options. 


The People dashboard gives you easy access to your Staff & Friends lists, the Organisation/s you are connected to ( PeopleSafe Check-in) and contact information for any External Organisations you work with eg Contractors. 


The Training dashboard allows you to easily see what Training has been done in the last 30 days, Expired Training, Missing Training and Training Course/Skills -Online learning. This is where you can keep track of the training happening in your organisation.


PeopleSafe gives you a range of reporting options from the Reports Dashboard. You can create one click reports from the side menu bar or the tiles on screen. Customised reports are available using the + Customise Reports option on the dashboard.

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