Guide to using Zoom online meetings

PeopleSafe use Zoom meetings to run live demo and Jumpstart sessions. Zoom is an online conferencing platform that’s reliable and easy to use, a little bit like PeopleSafe you might say! To help make your session with us via Zoom run smoothly, we’ve created a short checklist of what you need to have prepared to use Zoom meetings, along with a few of our own guidelines to help you get the most out of your session. 

Getting ready for your Zoom meeting

    Book a meeting room or office where you won’t be disturbed.
    Check your computer has a web camera, microphone and speakers.   Use a laptop/computer rather than a phone.
    Download the Zoom meeting app using the link in your booking confirmation email. You can join from a PC, Mac, iOS or  Android  device.
    Check your  camera  and microphone are working.

Guidelines for attending a Zoom meeting

The time available for sessions  means we need to be ready to go right on the allocated time. To ensure you  get the most out of the sessions we ask that you:

  • Switch  off cellphones.
  • Be ready and available for the full amount of time booked for the session.
  • Please be aware all conversations at your end can be heard by us and can distract the session.
  • Use the ‘mute’ option in Zoom if you are unexpectedly interrupted.
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