Add a Risk

Risks may be added either during the Tell Full Story Process when a risk is identified  or directly in the Risks section under Safety Plans for risks you know about or find out about.

From the Safety Plans tab 

To add a Risk:

  1. Click Safety Plans in the top menu bar.
  2. Click the Add New menu in the right of the dashboard.
  3. Click New Risk 
  4. Enter the details of the risk. We help you by including sliders, check boxes and drop-down selections. 
  5. Click Add Notes if you have more information to add about the risk
  6. Click Attach File to attach any documents etc to the risk profile.
  7. Click Save once you're done.

More about adding a New Risk

  • When a new risk is added into PeopleSafe it is found under the Safety Plans tab > Risks added.
  • Once you've added the risk to PeopleSafe an Unreviewed Risk Task is created and an email notification that you have a new risk to review is sent.
  • If you tell a full story and the story only involved a risk, you will find that story in the risks section of the Safety Plans tab and not in the Stories tab. If you need a Full Story recorded where a risk is involved, you will need to add another Story type in addition to the Risk. e.g also select Near Miss and it will record as a Full Story and be found in the Stories Tab. 
  • You can go in later and edit the risk or delete if it's no longer a risk that's present. If you delete it you will loose any records associated with that risk.
  • New risks can be added by PeopleSafe Coordinator or Manage User security clearances.
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