Troubleshooting Gear Checks

I'm not getting Reminders about Expiring Gear Checks

If you're not getting the notifications you expect about expiring gear checks there are a couple of reasons why this might be occurring:

  1. The 'Auto-generate tasks for expiring gear checks' setting in Our Organisation under Preferences is set to No
    If this is the case change to Yes, click Save to finish.
  2. The Gear Check is not a requirement of the piece of Gear it is assigned to. 
    When a piece of Gear/Equipment/Building has checks and certification requirements associated with it, the PeopleSafe application checks if the requirements are up-to-date and creates a task if they are not.

    Go to the gear item profile and check that the item of gear has been assigned the right Gear Type and that the Gear Type has the right Gear Check/s assigned to it. 

I'm viewing a list of completed Gear Checks, why is it still saying the check is REQUIRED ?

This does not mean the check is due or overdue or needing to be done right now. Instead it's telling you this particular check is a requirement of the gear that it relates to. 

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