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What do I do if I have people in my business who do the same 'Job' but are  managed by different people? I want to create Jobs so managers can see their own team.

One way to set up Jobs so managers can see their own staff, is to set up Jobs by  adding an extra descriptor like the region or a team number, to the Job name. Eg Hammer hand -Team 3,  or Food Prep AKL

  1. In the profiles of staff with Standard Staff clearance, in the 'Jobs they do' field - choose the Job for example by the region they work in, eg Food Prep AKL.
  2. In the profiles of staff with Manage User clearance (Team Leaders) once you select Manage User for security clearance , the field ‘Let this person see and manage people who do this job’, will appear. Select the  job/s that match the staff they manage. Eg  the Job/s from their region; Food Prep AKL.
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