How to Run Your First Meeting

Before the meeting:

  1. Load your team into PeopleSafe.
  2. Make sure that all staff have an email in their 'Best Contact' field.
  3. Print out your staff's username and password.
  4. Organize a device so that you can play the Introduction to PeopleSafe video at your meeting.
  5. Don't forget - it all starts with a positive attitude!

During the meeting:

  1. Start positively!  
  2. Play the Introduction to PeopleSafe video to your team.
  3. Reinforce the idea that PeopleSafe is not about more paperwork - it's about keeping everyone safe!
  4. Tell your employees that they will need to log into PeopleSafe and update their emergency contact information.
  5. Hand out your staff's User Name and Password.

After the meeting:

  1. Follow Up with Staff and help them navigate if they are having trouble.
  2. Remind staff to enter what they see happening or things that could happen into PeopleSafe.
  3. Don't forget, your attitude drives success

Click the link below to download your meeting agenda:

Meeting Agenda Template