Troubleshooting Risks and Safety Plans

I keep getting notifications that say I have Risks or Safety Plans to review but I don't have any risk/safety plan tasks in my task list. How do I stop getting the alerts?

PeopleSafe won't recognise a risk or safety plan has been reviewed until the risk or safety plan has been opened in edit mode and then saved again (thus completing the review). Or the tasks may not be on your task list because they may belong to another person or the tasks have been deleted. So even if the task isn't there you'll still need to open the risk and 'review' it for the alerts to stop.

Why do I sometimes get two tasks when a new risk is told?

The two tasks are for different things. The Hazard Review task is asking you to review the new risk. You need to review the risk for the task to disappear. The Control task is created when a new risk has been identified as a significant risk where the likelihood of injury is certain or the injury is described as serious. Because of the potentially serious risk PeopleSafe gives you a Control task to prompt you to either create a Safety Plan to manage the risk, or review the risk and downgrade its severity. The task will disappear when you do either.

What does the drop-down 'General, Eliminated and Significant' list do?

This drop-down list in a risk profile serves a couple of purposes: 
1. Your selection helps identify the risk severity. 
2. By identifying the severity of the risk, PeopleSafe software can determine whether you might need to have a safety plan in place and will automate a task for you to create one.

Why aren't 'Isolate' or 'Minimise' in the 'General, Eliminated and Significant' list?

Identifying whether the risk is isolated or minimised on a severity scale doesn't quite make sense and doesn't allow you to expand and describe how you're isolating or minimising the risk.

I'm reviewing a story and I want to add in the Risks. I definitely have risks in PeopleSafe but when it comes to the place to add them in (in the review) there aren't any or it doesn't show the full list, why's that?

When adding risks into a story review PeopleSafe will only pull the list of risks that have been added to a Safety Plan. These are the risks that you have deemed serious enough to need a safety plan (as they are more likely to cause harm or damage). It's important to be able to recognise and identify when the serious risks are a part of your stories.

I'm a Manager and I've been tasked to create a Safety Plan but when I click on the task it tells me CREATE ACCESS DENIED. Why's that?

Creating and modifying Safety Plans has been deemed a Coordinator-only task within PeopleSafe. Even though you can task someone with 'Manage Users' security clearance to create the safety plan they won't have permission to follow through and complete the task. 
PeopleSafe believes it's a 'Manage Users' role to implement Safety Plans, not to create or modify them.

I want to review a Safety Plan but when I click on the task it tells me REVIEW ACCESS DENIED, why's that?

This might occur if the Safety Plan has come from a subscription site (you'll know because it will be in  italics in the safety plan list).
If the safety plan belongs to your organisation's subscription site the person with access will need to log into the subscription site and review the plan from there. 

This could also occur if you have Manage Users security clearance and have been tasked to review the safety plan. Because you do not have Coordinator security clearance you will not have access to complete the task and review the Safety Plan.

How do I review a risk?

Reviewing a risk is as simple as opening the risk in edit mode and then saving it. Once you've done that any review tasks for risks or safety plans will disappear.

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