Create Story Reports

How to create story reports using smart-list filters:
  1. Click on the Stories tab
  2. Click on Stories Told All Time
  3. Click on Show Filters and Show Advanced Options
  4. Click through the display options and type in filter boxes to refine search
  5. Click Create Report button to complete
How to create story reports using one-click report feature:
  1. Click on the Reports tab
  2. Choose what type of report you want by clicking on one of the boxes
  3. Choose the time frame and type of information you want to report on. 
  4. Click on the intersecting point on the grid to open completed report in a new web browser page
How to create story reports using custom report feature:
  1. Click the Reports tab 
  2. Click the Custom Reports button 
  3. Click the Build my Own button
  4. Click through the report options to refine and filter data search 
  5. Click Add To Report what data you want to count
  6. Click on the Build My Report button to complete 
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