Add a new Gear Item

Each item of Gear; Plant, Buildings or Equipment should be added to PeopleSafe so you have a record of it and can manage the requirements to maintain it and keep it safe. 

From the Gear Dashboard

  1. Click Gear in the top menu bar.
  2. Click the Add New menu in the right of the dashboard. 
  3. Click Add New Gear.
  4. Enter the details about the gear.
  5. Click Save once you're finished. 
  6. The end screen gives you the option to add a photo of your gear.

Add a Gear Photo

  1. Click Update Photo under the photo area.
  2. Click Choose File 
  3. Find the image on your computer.
  4. Click Upload on the right of the screen.  
  5. You have the option to crop the photo by selecting an area, then click Save to add the photo to the gear profile.

More about adding new Gear 

  • You can add absolutely any type of gear. Forklifts, fire extinguishers, ladders, computers, hand tools, company vehicles, your building etc.
  • Each piece of gear should have a unique name then when you want to add gear checks or scroll through your gear list you'll know exactly what gear it is without having to open each gear profile. For example: if you have a fleet of company cars and they're all Toyota Corollas.  It wouldn't make much sense to add in 10 pieces of gear each called  Toyota Corolla, better to put in the registration number next to the gear name e.g.  Toyota Corolla ARG934.
  • It's a good idea to add photos of your gear, insurance information, invoices, warranties, manuals, check sheets,  asset  and serial numbers. You can use our gear template to help you gather all the information you'll need.
  • If the gear doesn't have a registration, serial or asset number then have a think about where the gear is located or who's responsible for it. For example: if the gear is used by John Smith and is part of his kit then you could name the gear in PeopleSafe  Electric Drill - John Smith.
  • If you find your photo is too large to upload you'll need to edit it first. PeopleSafe does not provide an in-browser document editing function.  It only allows you the details about the file.  
  • Remember you'll need to decide what Gear Type your new gear item will be associated with. 
  • See our related articles for help if you need to create a new Gear Type or to understand the fields in a gear profile.
  • Gear can be edited at any stage. 

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