Add a record of the Training a Worker has completed

All Training Courses & Skills completed by your staff must be added as a new record. This applies to new training and refresher training.
Training and Skill records are automatically added to a person's Staff Profile when they complete Online Learning or when Offline training is recorded for that person.  Adding a training record will automatically complete any training tasks for the corresponding person and Training Course or Skill. 

  1. Click Training in the top menu bar.
  2. Click the Add New menu to the right of the screen.
  3. Click Record Training.
  4. Select the Training that was done and add the date it was done.
  5. Select the person who completed the training.
  6. Add Note/s and attach any training certificates etc.
  7. Click Save to finish. 

Note: The end screen will show a list of all Training completed. You can view a person's training record by clicking on the line or the View button in this list.

More about adding Training and Skills records

  • Adding a recording of the Training & Skills that people have completed in PeopleSafe, is an easy way to manage who does or doesn't hold the necessary requirements.
  • You will record refresher training just like any other training completed. The training completed is an individual record of that training.
  • If training is completed offline, eg attended a training workshop, as soon as it is finished, you need to create a training record in PeopleSafe. If they have proof, like a certificate or attendance record, it should be scanned and uploaded into PeopleSafe too. When the training record has been completed, the corresponding task will disappear from the person's task list.
  • If you want to record training for your staff but it’s not in your drop-down list you can add further training courses or skills from Settings under your Organisation Name. 
    Remember Training Courses represent all offline training ( In-house training, Inductions, Licences, Offsite Training and NZQA qualifications ). Once the training courses have been added to PeopleSafe, you can add them to Jobs, Skillsets, book them for people to do, or record that they've been completed them.
  • If you have a number of people who did the same training course, you can record their training in one go by selecting all the people who did the particular training course and attach their certificates. This will mean however that all the certificates will appear on everyone's training record.
  • You can go back and edit or add an Attachment or Note to a Training record. To do this you will need to first find the training record; Go to the Training Tab > click on Total Training Done box > use the search filters to find the training record and click on View > click Options >Edit and add the Notes or upload the Attachment > click Save - sorted!
  • If you want to know who went on a particular training course, go to Training > Total Training Completed > Use the search filters, under 'Training Course' type the name of the course. You can also search by Completed By, Date it was Done or Expires on.
  • You cannot force expiration for online training courses, but you can for all other Training & Skills records. If you want to change the expiration date of an online course, go to Settings > Training Courses and Skills, select the course and edit the repeat date. This will change the expiration date for all people who've completed it. Alternatively, you can book the course for a single staff member even if it's not due.
  • If you're not getting notified of expired training you'll need to make sure the training is a requirement of a Job. PeopleSafe checks the Jobs for training due to expire. 

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