Upload a File to the Document Library

The document library gives you a place to keep documents you want to share with your staff. It means they can access them from anywhere they can access PeopleSafe. Documents are saved in folders so make sure you have your folders set up before you start. See related articles if you need help with this.

  1. Click the Documents icon on the top menu bar. 
  2. Click Add New in the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on Choose File to select the file from your computer.
  4. Give the document a Name.
  5. Add details about the document.
  6. Choose a folder for your document from the drop-down menu.
  7. Decide who will review it and the review date.
  8. Choose who can see and edit the document.
  9. Click Upload to finish.

More about Documents 

  • You can choose who you allow to see the documents you have added. Check you have the correct settings, if for example you want everyone to see it, set 'Everyone can see this' to Yes.
  • If you have documents you want other organisations you are connected to to see, these can be added to your Our Shared Docs folder. However your people won't be able to see these. 

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