FAQs - Creating Online Learning

Do I need to have a video or a quiz in every block?

Nope! You can choose what to put in each block. If your training course consists of a couple of short video clips, you can just attach a video file and zero out the "Number of correct answers needed to pass", then link in that block to the training course.

What if the training has lots of short videos and a couple of quizzes?

This is where we suggest that you break up your videos and quizzes into multiple online training blocks. You just group them together when you create the training course so that they all play/appear one after the other.  

Is there a file size limit for each online training block attachment?

If it's over 64MB  then unfortunately that will be far too large to upload. Depending on your internet it could take hours to upload, and consequently hours to download if someone came to use it. If you have a video file larger than this, consider compressing it before trying to upload it to PeopleSafe.

I've uploaded a training video to an online training block, but it appears as a link to download instead of an embedded video. Help!

PeopleSafe supports embedded videos with the MP4 (.mp4, .m4v and .f4v extensions), WebM and FLV video formats. If your video does not play in  browser, consider converting it to one of these formats. If you don't have software to do that there are freely available programs that you can use. Pop us a message if you need more help with this.

I want to add photos to my Online Training, how do I do that when it won't let me upload JPEG files?

You'll just need to export your photo as a PDF, or alternatively pop the photo/s in a word document and save that as a PDF.
Here is a really great online tool that can do this quickly and easily for you if you need a hand: https://smallpdf.com/jpg-to-pdf

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