Add a New Place

'Places' are part of the Tell Your Story settings. They should reflect the places where anyone working for you could be found while at work. When a Full Story is being told, the area it happened in is selected from a drop-down list. Once you add your Places, they will be available for selection from this list. 

Create a new Place in the Tell Your Story Settings

  1. Click on your Organisation's Name at the top left of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Tell Your Story Settings heading, in the Places row, click Add New to get to the New Place screen, 
  4.  Enter the details about the Place.
  5.  Click Save to add your new Place. 
  6. The place will now appear in the 'What area did it happen in? drop-down list when using Tell Full Story

Note:  If you want to check what places you already have in your list, click View All in the Places row.



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