Add a New Job Skillset

Job Skillsets are intended to be used where a skillset is applied across multiple Jobs. 

  1. Click on your Organisation Name in the top left of the screen. 
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Training and Skills Settings heading, in the Job Skillsets row, click Add New.
  4. Give the Skillset a name and add details of why the Skillset is needed.
  5. Select the Training Needed to get this Job Skillset from the drop-down list. This list will be populated by training you have added yourself and/ or common industry training that is pre-set for you. 
  6. Click Save to finish. 

More about Job Skillsets

  • An example of when you would add a skillset:  a staff member may have the job of Senior Welder and in PeopleSafe the job Senior Welder might require the following Job Skillsets: Certificate in Welding & Fabrication, Certificate in Advanced Welding and a First Aid Certificate.
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