Troubleshoot PeopleSafe Txt-in

How much does it cost?

TXT messaging into PeopleSafe is free for the User a fee of 20 cents per TXT message is charged to the Organisation
(10 free TXT messages are included each month for each Organisation)

What if the message I get back says my TXT isn't understood?

If you get a message back from PeopleSafe saying that your TXT isn't recognised then one of a few things could have happened:

  • Your keyword might be spelt incorrectly
  • You have only included a keyword and not a message
  • You have only included a message and not a keyword
  • You have an incomplete TXT-in waiting, i.e. you started a TXT-in but never finished it by replying to the 'more information' TXT that PeopleSafe sent you.
  • You may have added in an extra blank space before your keyword

I didn't receive any message back. Why isn't it working?

PeopleSafe will always message you back once you've TXT'd in to the number 4164. Make sure the TXT you've sent is to the right number and you have cell coverage to send your message.

What formats does PeopleSafe like my mobile number in? 

PeopleSafe will accept any mobile number in the following formats:

+64 (mobile service number) (6,7 or 8 digit number) e.g. +64 2740411814
0 (mobile service number) (6,7 or 8 digit number) e.g. 02740411814
(mobile service number) (6,7 or 8 digit number) e.g. 2740411814

For more information on New Zealand mobile service numbers check out

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