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How do I change the frequency of Gear Checks?

It's easy to change how often a gear check is repeated Here's how to do this:

  1. Click on your Organisation's Name at the top left
  2. In the drop-down click on the Settings button
  3. Click on Gear Checks in the Gear Settings area
  4. Find the gear check that needs the frequency changed and click on View
  5. Click on the Options button
  6. In the drop-down click on Edit
  7. Modify how often the gear check is repeated
  8. Click the Save button to complete

Please be aware that when you change the frequency of the check that every piece of gear assigned that particular gear check will have the frequency changed. In the case where the check needs to be modified for one particular piece of gear it may be worth creating a new check, assigning it to a specific gear type and giving that new gear type to the piece of gear.

If I upload Gear Checks into the Document Library will it record against the piece of Gear?

Unfortunately no. To make sure the gear is recorded against the piece of gear it will need to be added as a Gear Check Record over in the gear tab. Click on the Gear Tab > Click on the green Add New button > In the drop-down click on Add New Gear Check > Add details of what check was done for what piece of gear or equipment > Click Save

How do I record that my Gear or Equipment is broken or been damaged?

You can Tell A Story about gear that has been damaged or broken. Just head over to the Stories Tab, tell a story and select that your story is about 'Things Were Damaged or Broken'.
If you're out and about you could also send a TXT alert to PeopleSafe. That way the right people get notified ASAP and it's in one central place to follow up. Check out the article on PeopleSafe TXT-in below.

Can I export out Gear Checks that have been recorded in PeopleSafe?

You sure can. Someone with Coordinator security clearance will need to complete the following: click on your Organisation's Name at the top left > click on the settings button > scroll down to the administrator settings section > click on export data > select Gear Checks to export > click on Download to CSV Gear Checks > a file will either begin downloading or create a pop-up to confirm you wish to download the information.

Why have my Expired Gear Checks not created a task to remind me to redo the checks?

There are a couple of reasons why this might be occurring:

1. The 'Auto-generate tasks for expiring gear checks' setting in Our Organisation > Preferences are set to NO and need to be changed to YES.

2. The Gear Check is not a requirement of the piece of Gear it is assigned to. When a piece of Gear/Equipment/Building has checks and certification requirements associated with it, the PeopleSafe application checks if the requirements are up-to-date and creates a task if they are not. The Gear Check will need to be assigned to a Gear Type then the Gear Type assigned to the piece of Gear for it to become a requirement, be checked daily and the expiring gear check tasks automatically generated.

Can I assign a Gear Check to a person?

Unfortunately no. At the moment gear checks automatically get assigned to people with Coordinator security clearance, it's then up to the Coordinator to reassign the task to the person who is responsible for completing the check.

When does PeopleSafe notify me that a gear check/certification is due to expire?

Automatically expiring gear checks will create a notification 30 days prior to the expiration date. The notification will come via an email alert and and a task will be given to anyone with Coordinator security clearance. If you need to check when gear/equipment are due to expire in the future you can manually check using the smart list filter. Click on the Gear tab > click on Gear Checks done > select date range to All Time > click Show Advanced Options > change expiry status to Done > look through the Expiry field in the gear checks list to find when checks are due to expire.

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