Find my Organisation's PeopleSafe ID number

Just like every person gets their own unique ID number, every business/organisation using PeopleSafe will also have their own unique ID number. You'll use your organisation's PeopleSafe ID number if you need to connect with other organisations using PeopleSafe or if you use PeopleSafe Check-in.

To find your organisation ID number, you'll need:

  • Security Clearance of a PeopleSafe Coordinator 

Steps to follow:

  1. Login to PeopleSafe and click on your Organisation's Name at the top left, a drop down box will appear.
  2. Click on Our Organisation.
  3. Under the Organisation name field will be a nine digit number that will look like this: ID# 123-456-789
  4. This is your organisations PeopleSafe ID number.

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