Update Safety Hubs

How do I check whether my organisation is already connected to a safety hub?

There are a couple of ways to check whether your organisation is connected to a Safety Hub.

1. Click on your organisation's name at the top left > click  Our Organisation in the drop-down > click  Manage Safety Hubs in the left hand menu > the Safety Hubs you are subscribed to will appear as a list in this page.
2. Check if there are settings in the various settings lists that appear in italics (see example below). The italics indicate your organisation is connected to a Safety Hub.

Can the sites that are subscribed to a Safety Hub edit or change any of the settings in the Safety Hub?

The short answer is no. The settings that come from your Safety Hub cannot be edited. The prepopulated fields will be in  italics so you'll know what your own settings are and what ones are from the site/s you're subscribed to. However if a site chooses to manage the information themselves there  is  an option call manage subscriptions.

Can I connect myself as a person to a Safety Hub?

We don't recommend that people be added to a Safety Hub. Your Safety Hub should be a clean site, and what we mean by this is that no record type information i.e. people, tasks, stories etc. should be put in. The site works best when fixed data is put in i.e. jobs, training courses, risks, safety plans, gear types, gear checks etc.

Can I connect my organisation to another existing Safety Hub?

No. This is something that only PeopleSafe HQ can do. Safety Advisors who need their clients connected to their Safety Hub will need to contact us directly with the name and ID number of the organisation. 

I signed up to PeopleSafe ages ago and there weren't any Safety Hubs back then. How do I get myself connected to the PeopleSafe Safety Hubs?

You'll need to contact us via our Help desk to request being connected to some or all of our Safety Hubs. 

What are in the PeopleSafe Safety Hubs? 

We have a list of all the Safety Hub content you can subscribe to here

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