Create a Serious Story Report

This article gives you the steps if you want to create a report for serious stories only. 

Create a Serious Story report using Smart-list filters

  1. Click Stories in the top menu bar.
  2. Click Full Stories All Time
  3. In the Smart-list area, if Show Advanced Options is displayed, click on it to show all filters. 
  4. Click the Display Columns filter.
  5. Select Rated as Serious or click the Serious filter and select Yes.
  6. You have a few choices on how you can view or print the report:
    • Click Create Report, this will open a bar graph report in a new browser which you can print or save as a PDF, or
    • Under Output Data, click Print, this will open a print version of the screen you are seeing, click  CSV, an Excel spreadsheet will open or click PDF and a list report will open.

Note: You can filter the list further by date range, person, story type etc. Please be aware a Serious Story is defined by any story where one or more Serious Story triggers are selected.

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