Cancel a PeopleSafe Subscription

If there is anything we can do to help get you using PeopleSafe more effectively in your organisation please let us know.  Remember you're not locked into any long term contracts with PeopleSafe, and can cancel your account at anytime by following the steps below. Before you do this please read the content under Before Cancelling a PeopleSafe Account(or Organisation) so you will understand what happens when an account is cancelled.  If you have multiple Organisations set up with PeopleSafe, you'll need to repeat this process for each Organisation. 

To Cancel a Subscription, you'll need:

  • Only the site Main Contact listed on your Our Organisation page has the ability to cancel the account.  
    (Any PeopleSafe Coordinator in the organisation can edit who the main contact is by going to the Organisation page, click edit and update who the main contact is).

Cancelling a PeopleSafe Account (or Organisation)

  1. Click on your Organisation Name on the top left of the screen.
  2. Click Our Organisation.
  3. In the left side bar, click Cancel Account 
  4. Read the screen content and Confirm you understand what will happen when you cancel.  
  5. Click Cancel Account, a browser pop up will ask you to confirm.
  6. Confirm you wish to cancel. 
  7. Once you have completed these steps you will be logged out automatically and no longer have access to that Organisation in PeopleSafe

Please take a moment to read the information below before you cancel

Before Cancelling a PeopleSafe Account (or Organisation)

This is what will happen when you cancel:

  • All Users will have their Access to the particular Organisation removed immediately (including you)
  • We stop billing you (but don’t credit you for any pre payments made)
  • You will not be able to export any data from PeopleSafe after cancelling, or login to check on something

Make sure you put other processes in place to reduce the risks to your business and your people before you cancel PeopleSafe.  This checklist helps you get ready for a life without PeopleSafe:

  • Discuss with your team how you will keep track of all your H&S information
  • Agree on a new process for recording accidents, risks, close calls, first aid, damage, injuries
  • Make sure you have exported any information you want to keep from PeopleSafe
  • Make sure that you print out any Notifiable Events that fall within the legislative requirements
  • Decide where you will keep your training records and get reminded about training due to expire.
  • Get all staff to uninstall the PeopleSafe Mobile App from their phones
  • Tell Staff to download any certificates or training records they personally want to keep
  • Tell staff the date PeopleSafe will no longer be used

You will be prompted in app to Confirm you understand the following:

  • I understand this organisation will be cancelled immediately
  • That it will lose access to all features, data, and processes immediately
  • I understand this data may be deleted after 30 days
  • I have the authority on behalf of the account subscriber that is the registered owner of this account (e.g. the Director of the business)
  • I understand there may be an additional cost to get this account activated again within the 30 day period
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