How the Document Library Works

Your document library is the place to keep all your documents. From PDF's, word documents, excel spreadsheets, pictures, Photoshop files, videos, audio files and more it's easy to keep everything in one place! Your PeopleSafe document library lives in PeopleSafe under the documents icon in the top menu bar. 

Is there a place where we can keep our documents to share with staff members?

Yes. You can put them in the document library.

Can I access the documents in the library from home?

Yes. Anywhere you can access PeopleSafe you can access the document library.

Can other sites see the documents we add?

No. The documents you add are only in your site.

If I put documents in my Shared Folder will all my staff be able to see it?

Nope. The shared document folder is for documents you want other organisations to see, like your Health and Safety policy. Your people don't have access to to this folder. If you want your people to see a document you can put it in any of the other folders, just make sure you have the document set to Everyone can see this.

Can I edit the document folders?

The top-level 'Groups' are fixed across all users of PeopleSafe (e.g., Policies, Emergencies, etc) so unfortunately can't be added to or changed.  (But you can add unlimited folders within each of these groups. You can add the folders from the Document Folders option on the Settings screen.)

Can I set up different levels of access for the Document folders?

At this stage the Document Library doesn't provide for user-level access control on either the document nor the folders. Permissions are applied to documents only, and allow only for whether Coordinators, Managers, or Employees can see the document.

How do I review a Document and complete the review task? 

To review a document - and complete the review doc task - all that needs to happen is you open the document in edit mode (click on the EDIT button next to the document name). If the document hasn't changed click SAVE and you're good to go. If you do need to update the actual document (i.e. make changes) you'll need to archive the current document version on PeopleSafe and re-upload the new version.
If you've archived the old document and uploaded a replacement and the task hasn't disappeared you can manually delete the task. 
It sounds to me like the document review task is referencing the archived document. It won't unfortunately reference the updated new document.

Shared Document Folder

Shared Documents is the place you put documents you want other organisations to be able to see; like your safety management plan or your organisation's health and safety policy, or even public liability insurance details. Other organisations can only view your shared document folder if you connect with the organisation using PeopleSafe Connect.

How do I upload a file into my organisations shared folder?To be able to upload a file into the shared file folder you'll need to have Coordinator Security Clearance. After that it's as easy as adding files into your document library like you would for any other folder. Just make sure you click the OUR SHARED DOCS folder when selecting where the document will live.

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