How the Document Library Works

The document library in PeopleSafe is a great feature for storing your safety related documents. You can upload pretty much anything; PDF's, word documents, excel spreadsheets, pictures, photoshop files, videos, and audio files. 

We’ve created this library to give you an easy way to store and share information with staff and have it available anywhere you can accessed the web app. 

Note:  Any documents that relate to a Safety Plan, we'd encourage you to attach them to the Safety Plan for easy access to that information.

How is the document library set up?

The document library has an easy storage system. We have created  higher- level 'Groups' that have been pre-set in the software for you which can't be changed. We've also set up some folders for you which you can easily add to.  When you create folders they must be added to a Group.  You can then upload and save your documents to your folders.  

What steps do you need to take?

You will start by creating folders and allocating them to your choice of Group, eg Contractors, H&S Team,Equipment etc

Folders are added from Settings under your Organisation Name and documents are added from the Documents icon in the top menu bar.  When you upload your documents you will choose the  appropriate folder for that document.

Who has access?

The document library does not provide for user-level access control on the folders. Permissions are applied to documents only, and allow for whether Coordinators, Managers, or Employees can see the document. In the case of Managers’ you can give them access to see and edit a document. 

If you are connected to other sites and want them to have access to certain documents, like your Health & Safety policy, you can create a Shared Documents folder in the Shared Group and  add them there.  Be aware your staff can’t access information in the shared folder and other sites can’t see anything in your library that’s not in the shared folder.

Shared Document Folder

Shared Documents is the place you can put the documents you want other organisations to be able to see; like your safety management plan or your organisation's health and safety policy, or even public liability insurance details. Other organisations can only view your shared document folder if you connect with them using PeopleSafe Connect.

The Shared Documents folder has already been set up for you to add documents to. Putting documents in the Shared Documents folder is the same process as for any other folder. When you add a new document you will select Our Shared Docs from the Put in this Folder menu. You'll need to have Coordinator Security Clearance to do this.

Reviewing Documents 

When adding documents you can set a review date for the document and who will do the review. 

You can also set who can see & edit it - Everyone can see the document or just Managers can see. Only Managers can edit documents. 

When a document comes up for review, a task will appear in PeopleSafe and a notification sent to the person assigned to do so. Documents are reviewed in the same way as other reviews. Open the document in edit mode, if nothing has changed click Save. If you do need to update the actual document (i.e. make changes) you'll need to archive the current document version in PeopleSafe and re-upload the new version. 

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