How Administrator Settings Work

Here is a description of the Administrator Settings in PeopleSafe which are found under Our Organisation > Settings on the Home page .

Our Organisation

'Our Organisation' is your organisation's details. You can navigate to this area by clicking on your organisations name at the top left of your screen and clicking on 'Our Organisation' in the dropdown.

Other Organisations

This is where you find what organisations you are connected to and what organisations are connected to you. This is for your shared document folder and your PeopleSafe Check-in recognising their people (or vice-versa).

Payment Details

Here is where you can input your credit card information. Once you've added in your billing details PeopleSafe will remember them but because of privacy we do not keep your Credit Card information on show. You'll know if it's all sorted when the payment page displays '...payment is already setup...'.

PeopleSafe Check-in

This is where you turn your smart device into a Check-in portal. Clicking Start Check-in will lock off the device you're on and only display the Check-in mode. You can exit out of Check-in mode at any time.

The PeopleSafe Check-in software is a standard feature available to any organisation with a PeopleSafe subscription. The PeopleSafe Check-in software turns any smart device into a visitor sign-in system that sits at your reception or other entry access points. The device works best when paired with a scanner and label printer. PeopleSafe Check-in is for your visitors, contractors, merchandisers, and anyone else coming on site.

Document Folders

Here is the place to create your own Custom Folders in your Document Library. We have created a number of top folders ( Groups)  that should cover absolutely everything you need to add but it's up to you to create sub-folders to help make sense of all your data. Top level folders can't be changed. This is the place to hold and share your safety information.


If people have left your organisation and you have deactivated their account, this is where you delete tasks eg training tasks, that belong to your deactivated users which of course are no longer needed. 
Next to Clean-up , click on Remove orphaned tasks. Check none of these tasks need to be assigned to someone else. Click clean-up and tasks will be deleted. 

Export Data

The main data associated with your Organisation in PeopleSafe can be exported in CSV. format.  When you click Export Data in the Settings you'll be taken to a list of the things you can export. You can download  eg activity types, your documents, a list of all your gear etc. This is helpful for getting your information out of PeopleSafe.

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