The difference between Gear Types and Gear Checks

Gear Checks

PeopleSafe helps you to keep track of your gear's checks, certifications, maintenance etc using 'Gear Checks.  Gear checks are the physical things that need to be done to your Gear. eg 3 month inspection. 

How It Works

To record gear checks for your gear, start by setting up the checks in Settings. Once you've added a check in Settings then you must assign it to a Gear Type, also in Settings. Many Gear Types have been pre-set for you.
Next you'll need to add it in your piece of Gear. For example the Gear Check might be Warrant of Fitness (WoF), the Gear Type might be Company Vehicles, and then the actual piece of Gear might be a Nissan Primera ARG930. 

You can set how frequently a check will expire in Settings.

Gear Types

Gear Types are very simply the types of gear you use in your organisation. Here are some examples of what types of gear you might have in your organisation:

  • Company Cars
  • Hand Powered Tools
  • Fire Safety Equipment
  • Ladders
  • Computers

As you add gear types you can assign checks that the gear type might need. For example: your gear type might be 'fire safety equipment' and the checks linked in are 'Annual Service Check' and 'Three Yearly Certification Inspection'.
When you add individual gear and assign it a gear type PeopleSafe will automatically record eg that your Hall Fire Extinguisher #23.565 needs an annual service check and a certification inspection every three years.

       Example: Gear Types screen showing some of the associated gear checks.

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