Compress a Video for Online Learning

A video for online learning needs to be two things:

  1. Under 64MB
  2. MP4, WebM and FLV video formats

If it's over 64MB then unfortunately that will be far too large to upload. Depending on your internet it could take hours to upload, and consequently hours to download if someone came to use it. If you have a video file larger than this, consider compressing it before trying to upload it to PeopleSafe.

PeopleSafe supports embedded videos with the MP4 (.mp4, .m4v and .f4v extensions), WebM and FLV video formats. If your video does not play in  browser, consider converting it to one of these formats. 

If you don't have software to do that there are freely available programs that you can use to compress and change format. 

We recommend They make it super easy to convert and compress your video.

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