An Overview of Training & Skills

'Training Courses & Skills' is the name PeopleSafe gives to the requirements a person needs to do their work. This features primarily exists to provide an easy way to manage training and skill requirements.

These requirements can be traditional training methods and as well as more modern training courses. The types of training courses or skills a user might add into PeopleSafe are inductions, licenses, NZQA qualifications, on the job training, in-house training, vetting checks, certifications, online learning or anything that you require your workers to have (and need proof of) to be able to do their job.

Training Courses & Skills exist in PeopleSafe as a list in the Settings section. Users with PeopleSafe Coordinator security clearance can add to the list of Training and Skills.

Booking & Tasking Training Courses & Skills

Once the Training Courses & Skills have been added to PeopleSafe, users can be booked or tasked to do the training or skill.

  • Tasking training will create a task to notify the user that they have training to do. The training will be completed outside of PeopleSafe and the proof of completion will need to be added into PeopleSafe as a training record. Adding this training record will automatically complete the task.
  • Booking Online Training will create a task that requires the user to log into PeopleSafe and complete the online components of the training. The Online Training may be a combination of videos, quizzes or PDFs. Once the user has successfully completed the Online Training the record of completion will be added to their profile and the task will complete itself.

Training Courses & Skills and PeopleSafe Jobs

Training Courses & Skills can be added as requirements to Jobs in PeopleSafe. This means when a person is given a job in their PeopleSafe profile then they will also be given any Training & Skills linked to that job as a requirement. 

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