Get Help with PeopleSafe

This article introduces some of the ways you can get help with using PeopleSafe. 

Knowledge Base

The PeopleSafe Knowledge-base – which is where you’re reading this now – is your first option for getting help.

Simply use the “Search” box to ask a question, or choose one of the Categories.

Talk to your PeopleSafe Coordinator

All organisations using PeopleSafe have one or more “PeopleSafe Coordinators”. The Coordinator has access to all details within PeopleSafe and can assist with things like resetting passwords.

Talk to your Safety Advisor/ PeopleSafe Certified Partner

If your organisation is working with a PeopleSafe Certified Partner, they are your best point of contact for help with using PeopleSafe.

PeopleSafe Certified Partner’s and Safety Advisors are your go-to for questions about safety processes within your organisation, and for expert advice on dealing with Risks.

WorkSafe also provides some useful guides online at

Check the PeopleSafe Status Page

The PeopleSafe Status Page at is updated in the event of any known issues with PeopleSafe.

If you are a key user within your organisation, you can use the “Subscribe to Updates” option and you’ll be automatically updated via email when anything is posted to the status page.

Email the PeopleSafe Support Team

The PeopleSafe Support Team is available via email to answer questions and help with any problems that you haven’t been able to solve via the above options.

Be as descriptive as you can in your email, and include screenshots if they’ll help explain the question or problem, and send to

We’ll do our best to get back to you within one working day. 

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