Send a StoryAnywhere via TXT message

You can use TXT messaging to bring up a safety story using PeopleSafe.  

Put a Story in PeopleSafe

  1. Open TXT Messaging  on your phone.
  2. Tap compose or whatever is required to create a new message.
  3. Enter 4164 in the 'To' or 'Recipients' box.
  4. Add one keyword from the following list: Hurt, First Aid, Damage, Risk, Fix, Nice.  If several things have happened choose the most serious.
  5. Type the keyword  into the message box followed by a space, then your message. 
  6. Send the TXT message.
  7. You will receive a confirmation text back from 4164.

More about using your Cellphone to put a Story in PeopleSafe

  • If your phone number is in multiple organisations, you will receive a text asking you to confirm which organisation this story is for. Reply to that TXT to confirm. 
  • If your mobile number is shared by other Users, you will get a TXT asking which User you are. Reply to that TXT to confirm who you are.( You'll need to know your PeopleSafe ID#)
  • You cannot send a photo with a TXT message - you will need to use the PeopleSafe Mobile App to send a photo.
  • As soon as your Story is sent, your message  becomes a task in PeopleSafe for your Manager or PeopleSafe Coordinator to follow up. It now appears in  PeopleSafe under Stories > StoryAnywhere Tasks.
  • Your story will be sent via an email notification to the PeopleSafe Coordinator in your organisation and anyone who has a Manager Users security clearance for the Jobs listed on your PeopleSafe Profile
  • Your story will be reviewed and decisions made on what to do next. Normally this will involve talking to you if more information is needed, or you need to be part of making the work safer.
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