Find and Edit a Reviewed Story

All reviewed Full Stories can be found from the Stories dashboard. Story Records can be updated after a review has been completed. This is useful for adding new information as it comes to hand.

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Find a Story

  1. Click Stories in the top menu bar.
  2. Click Full Stories All Time. 
  3. Use the Smart-lists to find the Story you want to edit. 

If you can't find the Story

  • Check the filters on your Stories list to make sure under Date Range: All time, is selected, under Story Type: Check all, is selected and under Serious: All, is selected.
  • Talk to a PeopleSafe Coordinator if you only have Manage User security clearance as they can help.
  • Edit the Story 

    1. In the Story row, use the drop-down menu to either:

      - Click View to see the Story before you edit it, then click the Options menu in the top right, click Edit, or 

      - Hover over the View button and click Edit to go straight to the Edit screen.
    2. Make your changes. 
    3. Click Save when you are finished.


    You can't update: the Story Type, the Reported by person. the Date Reported, the Reviewed by person or Date Reviewed. Everything else can be edited.

    Add an Attachment to a Story Record 

    You may want to add attachments with information that relates to a story so it is all in one place. You can do this once a Story has been reviewed.

    From the Edit screen

    1. Click Attach File in the bottom left of the screen.
    2. Click Choose File, find the file you want to attach. 
    3. Enter a description.
    4. If you have several files to attach, click Attach File again and follow the same steps.
    5. Click Save to upload the file/s. 

    You'll be taken back to your story in view mode when the upload is complete.

    More about Editing a Story Record

    • Story Records can only be edited once they've been reviewed. 
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