Accept a Connect Request

If you have a PeopleSafe Staff Profile, and the organisation you are working for wants to connect with you, you will need to accept the Connect Request they send you. You should receive the request in an email from PeopleSafe Notifications. If you don't accept the connect request, the requesting organisation will not be able to see your contact details.

Accept a Connect Request

  1. Login to PeopleSafe on a web browser.
  2. Click the Person icon to the right in the top menu bar. This is the circle with an outline of a head & shoulders and a red circle displaying a number.  
  3. Under Connect Requests, the organisation requesting to connect with you will be listed. 
  4. Click View Detail. 
  5. Read through the details of the request. There may be a personal message included in the request.
  6. Click Yes if you wish to work together with this organisation and give them access they have requested. 
  7. Click No if you don't want to  give them the access they have requested. 

More about Connect Requests

  • If you decline the request you will have no access to this organisation.
  • If you click Yes, you will see the end screen.The People Coordinator for the organisation will receive a notification telling them you have accepted their request.
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