Add a User with PeopleSafe Connect

PeopleSafe Connect is used for adding staff who already have a PeopleSafe Staff Profile and for anyone who is not staff but who you work with. For non-staff, for example; contractors, they must have a PeopleSafe profile and are connected to the organisation as 'Friends'.  It's a  very simple process of adding Staff or Friends using their PeopleSafe ID number. 

Connect, using their PeopleSafe ID#

  1. Click People in the top menu bar.     
  2. Click the Add New menu on the right of the dashboard. 
  3. Click Connect Staff or Connect  Friend.
  4. Enter the nine digit PeopleSafe ID number of the person you want to connect to your Organisation.
  5. Click Lookup.  Check that this is the name of the User you want to add.
  6. Choose the type of security clearance you want to give them.
  7. Select one of the access options to their contact details.
  8. Add a Personal Message if you want to.
  9. Click Connect, you will see an end screen and they are instantly added to your Organisation. You can start recording information against that User in the organisation section of their profile.
  10. They will need to accept your Connect request before you can see their contact details.     

Note: The user will have access to your Organisation as soon as they accept the request.           

More about Connecting Users 

  • Friends can be contractors, volunteers, student workers, safety advisers etc. Basically anyone who is not a staff member but may need to have some access to your site for whatever reason.
  • If the staff member or Friend can't find their User ID number see our Related Article section: Find a PeopleSafe ID Number.
  • If the user has an email address in their Staff Profile, PeopleSafe will automatically send an email asking them to accept the Connect request. You will know if they've accepted by the screen that appears when you check their Profile.
  • If they decline your request, you will need to talk to them. You can click the Request Access link in their Profile to send a new Connect request.
  • If the connect request is declined you can click the Request Access link in their User profile to send a new Connect request.
  • Because they are an existing User they will have a username and password to login to PeopleSafe.
  • To be a Friend you'll need to be signed up to PeopleSafe and have a PeopleSafe ID number. If you need more information on how to subscribe  visit for more detail.
  • Once you click Connect, if the user has a Best Contact Email Address in their Profile, PeopleSafe will automatically send an email asking them to accept the Connect request. They must login to PeopleSafe and accept your  request before they get access to your Organisation in PeopleSafe and for you to see their contact details. 
  • While the User will normally get an email we suggest you also tell them you have added them to your Organisation and to expect the Connect request. 
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