Add a new Task linked to a Full Story Record

This article explains how to add a new Task so it's linked to a Story record. When a story has been reviewed, adding tasks is usually the next step, or you may need to add more tasks at a later date. This is a really useful feature as it means that forever more the task will always be easy to find in relation to the story told.

To add a new task, you'll need:

  • Security clearance of either a PeopleSafe Coordinator or a Manage User 
  • Just completed a story review or
  • A story record number  

How to add a new Task linked to a Story Record

Step One - Get to the Task screen

There are two ways to add tasks:

A. At the completion of a Review of a Tell Your Story Record:

  1. Once you've completed the review, the onscreen message may say: Got Tasks. Click the Add Tasks button.

  2. You will arrive at the New Task for Story # XX   screen. Now go to Step Two.


B. To a Story Record at a later time. 

First you'll need to find the Story in the Stories list:

  1. Login to PeopleSafe and click on Stories in the top menu, the Tell your story dashboard will open. 
  2. Click on 'Stories told all time' in the Stories box to open a list of all your stories.  If you don't know the story number ( on left of screen),  you can use the filters to narrow the search down by eg date range or story type or use the search option. 
  3. Once you find the Story record, click View to see the details of the story.

  4. Click Options on the top right, a drop-down menu will open.
  5. Click Add Task, the New Task for Story # XX screen will open.

Step Two - Add Details

  1. Add details to each field.
  2. Click the Save Button.

Common Questions

What happens after I've added tasks to a story?   

If tasks are added at the “got tasks” screen or at a later time, an alert will  be sent for every task that is added (even if you’re adding the task for yourself) to the person or people you have given a task to. A record is kept in PeopleSafe and until the work or training or gear check etc is done and the task completed, that task won't go away. Allocating Tasks keeps you accountable. 

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