Complete an Offline Training Task

If you've been booked to do some offline training, you'll receive an email from PeopleSafe letting you know you have a new training task. The training task will give you the detail of the training you've been booked on.

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Find the Training Task

The training task you receive will give you the details of the training you've been booked to do. You can find it:

From the Email you received from PeopleSafe Notifications

The link in the email you received from PeopleSafe will take you directly to the task in PeopleSafe.

  1. Open the email from PeopleSafe Notifications, it will have the Subject- [Name], you've got training to complete.
  2. Click the link in the body of the email, this will normally open the task in your web browser.
  3. Login to PeopleSafe of you're not already.

From your Task list 

Our can also find the training task from your Task list.

  1. Click the Tasks icon in the top menu bar.
  2. From the list, find and then click on the Offline Training Task you want to complete. 
  3. Click on the Training Course or Skill in the Optional Details area.
  4. The details of the training are here including any notes about the training. If you have questions refer to the person who added you to this training.

Complete the Training Task

  1. Attend the training you have been booked to do. It might be done in house or with an outside provider.  
  2. Don't forget to let your manager know when the training is complete and show the certificate or record to them so they can record it against your Staff Profile. When they record your training it  will complete the task which will then disappear from your Task list.