FAQ's - Reviewing a Full Story

Story Reviews are a really important part of the Tell Your Story® process. You will receive an email about a Story Review Task when a full story has been told. The task will automatically be completed when you complete the  Story Review. 

For help to Review a Story and complete the Story Review Task check out : Find, Edit or Complete a Full Story Review Task

FAQs - Reviewing a Full Story

Why can't I review several stories at the same time? A message keeps coming up that there is a problem.

Reviews  should  be completed one at a time. Don't attempt to do multiple reviews by having several tabs open at once, this can cause problems. 
You can resolve this by logging out, closing your web browser; reopening, logging back in and resuming the Review. If you're still having trouble, cancel the Review(s) (using the Cancel button at the bottom of the Review), you've started, then repeat the logging out, etc.

I'm trying to do a story review and a message pops up with  'Opps! Something went wrong'.

This can happen if you're trying to review several stories in different tabs simultaneously. The information can get scrambled in the web browser.  Go back to the Review, click Cancel on the screen, log out, close your web browser completely then, reopen, log back in and try again. 

 If the risk was brought on site by a contractor, how do I answer this part? It goes away when the contractor leaves.

It still gets recorded with the notes that once the contractor leaves, the risk is gone.

If I only have two people in the story but during the review it turns out that there was another one, how do I add them?

Add a note to record the details at the end of the review.

My story is fine, why do I need to do a review? I don't have anything to add and/or I don't know all the answers yet.

You'll still need to do a story review. The review process has extra questions that need to be answered and info to fill in.  If you don't know the answer to any questions just put 'don't know' - you can always edit and add the detail in later.  We recommend that you try to do an investigation and find out the answers to as many questions as you can before you do the review but we do realise that's not always possible. Your story is always editable even after the review is complete.

How do I add photos and attachments to the story?

To add photos and attachments to a story, the story has to first be reviewed by someone with Coordinator or Manage Users security clearance. Once the story is reviewed you can edit the story and add photos or attachments. If your attaching video footage it must be no larger than 64MB.

I can't complete the review, why won't it let me continue forward?

To finish a review you'll need to fill in all the boxes marked with a red Astrix * (like that one to the left). If you don't know the answers completely you could check with your Coordinator, go talk to the person who told the story or answer as best to your knowledge. You can always go in and edit the story after the review is complete.

I keep getting notifications that say I have a Story to review but I don't have any story review tasks in my task list. How do I stop getting the notifications?

The tasks may not be on your task list because they may belong to another person or the tasks have been deleted. Even if the task has been deleted the story will still require a review. You'll need to find the story on your list of stories (it'll have a Review button instead of a View button) and click the Review button. Once you've completed the review the alerts will disappear.

I'm getting a 'Could not find or load that Task' error message when I click on the link in the email to review the story. What does it mean? 

There are a couple of reasons why this error message might show up.

Reason 1.
The story has already been reviewed so the review has been completed. Multiple people may have access the story or have been tasked to view it. Disregard the task notification.

Reason 2. 
The receiver of the task doesn't have the correct security clearance or visibility of the story teller so will not be able to access the task. Check the users security clearance to confirm. Regard the task as a notification of incident and not a requirement to complete the task.

Reason 3.
The review task has been deleted and the story has not yet been reviewed. You'll still need to review the story even though the task has been deleted. You'll find a review button next to the story when in the smart list view of All Stories.

I've clicked the link in the email that takes me to the story review and the screen says 'Site Not Mapped', how do I locate the story?

Check you are logged in with the right username and password.