Sign up to PeopleSafe using your Sign Up link

Now you've received an email from PeopleSafe with your personalised sign up link included, you might need a bit of help to figure out exactly what to do to get signed up.

When you click on this link the sign-up screen opens:

Subscribe to PeopleSafe for your organisation

Note: You will find several fields are already populated with information you added during the Request a Demo process

Sign up in 3 easy steps

Step 1. - Confirm your requirements

  • This is where you will see the information you added about staff and branches. You can adjust staff numbers if you need to and this will be reflected in the pricing you will see.
  • Click Next Step

At this point you may see an OOPS screen asking you to log out before signing up a new site. Log out, the Login Page will appear,  add your Username and Password and click Login. This will take you back to the first sign up screen. Scroll down and click Next Step.

Step 2. - Create your account 

Your Organisation:

  • Company/Organisation Name:   pre-populated
  • Legal Name:  pre-populated
  • Physical Address:  add your address

Your Login:

  • First Name:  pre-populated
  • Last Name : pre-populated
  • Work Telephone : add your work number
  • Best contact email: pre-populated
  • PeopleSafe Username: this is populated with your Best Contact Email so it is easy for you to remember
  • Password: type in your password
  • Click Yes to the Agree to PeopleSafe Terms of Use. Please read these.
  • Click Next and the sign-up account page opens

Sign up a PeopleSafe account for your Organisation

Step 3. - Add your payment details

  • Add card details 
  • Click PAY NOW
  • The Welcome to PeopleSafe! screen appears.

         This give you your Account Details

          Your Personal Login Details

         And details about what happens now.

Congratulations you now have a PeopleSafe account with one person in it. This person is the PeopleSafe Coordinator for that site and will be added as the Main Contact. They can see and do everything in the account. 

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