Connect PeopleSafe Setup Support

Give the PeopleSafe Support Team Access to your Organisation.

Giving us access to your Organisation means we can get you set up as quickly as possible and make sure you get maximum value from your Jump Start Sessions.
To do this we need you to add our Setup Support Team to your Friends list within your PeopleSafe Organisation.  By connecting the Support Team you grant us permission to view and update your data.

Once you have completed your setup, it is easy to remove this access; in fact, we'll talk you through how during the session!


  • You must have Coordinator-level security clearance to provide this access.  
  • You understand that by connecting the Support Team you grant us permission to view and update your data.

Connect PeopleSafe Setup Support to your Organisation

  1. Click People in the top menu bar.
  2. Click the Add New menu on the top right of the dashboard.
  3. Select Connect Friend.
  4. Enter the following PeopleSafe ID#:  249-920-379 in the box provided.
  5. Click Lookup.
  6. Leave the Relationship to You set to Other.
  7. Set the Security Clearance to  Advisor.
  8. Click Connect. The PeopleSafe Setup Team will have instant access to your Organisation and data.

Note: This grants us permission to view and change your data, but rest assured we will only make changes with your permission or as outlined below.   The Support Team's access to your organisation will remain in place until you remove it.  You can Click here to learn how to deactivate friends

Setup Steps the PeopleSafe Support Team will complete for you

  • Load your .csv file for you to add your team into PeopleSafe, if this is needed.
  • Create a PDF that you can give your team members with their login.
  • Add / update basic standard settings in your account.
  • We'll also use this access when we do our Online Jump-Start Sessions with you.
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