Deactivate a User in your Organisation

A User's access to your Organisation is removed by deactivating them. This is done from within their Staff Profile, which you'll find under People in the top menu bar. If the user has Manage User clearance or above and receives notifications, make sure you update your organisation profile under Our Organisation as well.

1. Go to the Staff Profile you want to deactivate 

If you need help to find the User read this article:  Find a User in your Organisation

2. Deactivate the User

From the Profile screen

  1. Click the Options menu.
  2. Click Deactivate.

This removes their access to your Organisation, including the Web application and the Mobile App. You will see (inactive) in red beside the Users name and they will be found in your inactive list.

More about Deactivating Users 

  • Users are deactivated rather than deleted because they have records associated with them in PeopleSafe eg  in stories or training, it's important to keep those records as part of your data.
  • When a User is deactivated, they're moved to the Inactive List in your Organisation. This means any of the records they were a part of, are retained. 
  • Deactivating a Staff Profile will not delete any existing tasks assigned to the user. These need to be removed manually. 
  • Deactivating a Staff Profile will not prevent the person from receiving notifications if their email or cellphone number has been added either to the "E-mail Serious Stories to" field or "TXT Serious Stories to" field on your Our Organisation screen. See 3. above.
  • If the person you are deactivating is the Main Contact person listed in your Organisation Profile you will need to go in and update the details with your new Main Contact. For Help : Update Organisation Details. Or see 3. above.
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