FAQs - Passwords

I don't know my username or password, how/where do I get it?

If you've never received your username or password or it's been forgotten you'll need to contact your PeopleSafe Coordinator to request that they reset your password and tell you your username. Your PSF Coordinator might be the Health and Safety Manager or an administration person at your business. If you are the only PeopleSafe Coordinator for your organisation and maybe someone else set up the application then send an email to help@peoplesafe.co.nz and we'll give you a hand.

Why aren't my staff (or me) receiving a Password Reset Token?

There maybe a couple of reasons why:

  • First check that they have their email address set up in the BEST CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS field.
  • Make sure that their email address is correct.
  • Get them to check that the Password Reset Token isn't in the junk or spam folder of their email account.
  • If they still aren't receiving the email get them to check with their email provider or your IT team for a solution.

Why isn't my password or username working?

Check to see you haven't accidentally forgotten to add or subtract a space in your password or username. Often when people enter their username or password they've either misspelled it or have forgotten to add a space between words.

Are my log in details case sensitive?

Your PeopleSafe username is NOT case sensitive however your PeopleSafe password is case sensitive.

Is it safe for someone else to set my password? Won't they just be able to log in as me?

When someone resets your password for you, PeopleSafe will automatically ask you to change your password when you next log into PeopleSafe. That way you can change your password to something secure and private, and something you'll be able to remember.

Where do I go if I've forgotten my username and I'm the only Coordinator at my site?

First thing to do is check your email application for the email PeopleSafe sent you when you signed up. In the details on the email will be the username you first created. If you've changed it since then or you weren't the person to sign up your  organisation  to PeopleSafe you can email help@peoplesafe.co.nz and the support team will be able to help you out.

The Reset Password and Generate PDF button isn't my staff's profile and I can't edit their details?

The reason will be happening will because the user has previously logged in and set their personal details to view only, meaning any coordinators or managers can't edit their personal details, only their work details. You'll need to have a chat  to  your staff member to sort out. If they can't remember their password to log in they'll have to click the forgot password on the login screen.

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