Add an Offline Training Task for a Worker

Offline training is treated differently to Online learning. Online learning is booked directly for the staff member.  When you arrange training for staff with an external provider, you let them know they have training coming up by creating an Offline Training Task for them.  When you create the task, they will receive an email notification about the training and can see the details when they click the link in the email. Make sure you contact your training provider directly to book your team in with them. 

  1. Click Training in the top menu bar. 
  2. Click Add New on the right of the screen.
  3. Click Task Offline Training from the drop-down list 
  4. Select the Offline Training to be Done from the drop-down list.
  5. Add the date you want the training to be done by or on.  
  6. Select who needs to do the training from the drop-down list.
  7. Click Create Task to finish.

Note: For offline training, make sure you contact your training provider directly to book your team in with them.
         Staff will receive a notification:  [Name] You've got training to complete.

More about Booking Training for your Team

  • Coordinators can book training and skills for everyone. Managers can book training and skills for themselves and the staff they manage.
  • So soon as you add a Task for someone to do training PeopleSafe will send them a notification via email and add the task to their task list. That way they'll  know they have training to do. If the training is online they can login to PeopleSafe and do the training straight away. If the training's not online it's up to you and them to sort out details for when and where it's happening. 
  • If you want to send a staff member on a training course but it’s not in your drop-down list you can add further training courses or skills from Settings under your Organisation Name. For help Click here.
  • You can book multiple people on the same course at once by checking the boxes next to the staff members name in the drop-down menu :' Who needs to do it?'  Click Here for help to book Online learning.
  • To let people know what they have to do or bring for training, when you are setting up the training course you can add this information to “Things Staff Need To Know” section. Things like, bring complete workbook, photo ID, comfortable clothing etc.
  • If you find a Manager not able to book themselves on training, meaning they come across an error page that says 'WRITE ACCESS DENIED Person Completion 109003' that means your manager has tried to book themselves on training. Unless they have their own job added to the list of 'Let this person see & manage people who do these jobs' in their User Profile then they won't be able to book themselves on training.