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If I am not representing a company or organisation, what do I write in the "Who am I representing" box?

Even if you are not representing a particular company or organisation you are still representing yourself. You can put your own name again or 'Myself' in the 'Who are you representing' box.

Why do I need to type in who I am coming to visit?

PeopleSafe Check-in will alert the person you're coming to visit immediately, cutting down your waiting time and keeping track of where you are in case of an emergency.

The person I came to visit didn't receive an email notifying them of my arrival, what's happened?

There are a couple of reasons why someone might not get the email notifying them of your arrival. It could be that they don't have their email address in the work email field in their PeopleSafe profile. It could be their email was momentarily down and PeopleSafe couldn't establish a connection with their server. It could be the settings on their email that don't sync frequently enough to receive the email immediately.

Help my device won't connect to Check-in! What do I do?

If your device won't or can't connect to PeopleSafe Check-in the first thing to do is to check that you have a secure internet connection to your device. The most common problem that we see is when your device's internet signal drops off (your provider's server has problems) or a secure connection can't be made from the router to your device. 
If it's a problem between your router and your internet provider's server you'll need to contact them directly for a resolution. 
To see if it's a WiFi problem check the internet connect via an ethernet cable, if the internet runs fine it may be a WiFi signal problem.

What if Check-in doesn't display the company I work for when I sign in with my PS ID card?

If Check-in doesn't recognise the company you represent there could be a few reasons why:

  • You are not connected to the organisation anymore. You'll need to get in contact with your organisation's PeopleSafe Coordinator to get you connected.
  • You are not an active staff member of the organisation. You'll need to contact your organisation's PeopleSafe Coordinator to make you an active staff member.
  • Your organisation isn't connected to the site you are visiting. Your Coordinator will need to check the site you're visiting is a 'Connected Organisation'.
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