Add a New Job

Jobs  allow staff to be grouped by the types and characteristics of work they do. This makes it efficient to manage training requirements, and makes it possible to quickly identify and show whether staff have the skills they need to do the work safely. Click here for more information on Jobs. 
The aim is to ensure all staff are adequately trained to do all Jobs they're assigned.

This article explains how to create/ add Jobs ( individually) in your PeopleSafe Organisation.

New Job 

  1. Click on your Organisation's Name at the top left.
  2. Click Settings in the drop-down menu.

  3. Under  the Training & Skills Settings heading, in the Jobs row, click Jobs.
  4. Click Add New at the top left.

Enter Job Details 

  1. Enter the Job name.  
  2. You can select Job Skills Sets Needed from the List or from Training Courses or Skills Needed for this Job, but this is optional. These can be added or edited at any stage.
  3. Click Save to complete and see the confirmation screen.

Note: We recommend best practice is to add Training Courses to Jobs once you have Safety Plans in place that say what Training & Skills a Job needs. Adding Training to a Job means anyone with that Job will receive a task. 
        You can edit or delete Jobs by clicking on the Job you want to edit, clicking the Options button and click Edit or Delete. Ensure you understand the consequences of deleting Jobs. 

More about Jobs

  • Managers with Manage User clearance need to be able to access their teams.  Where numbers of people in a business do the same job but are  managed by different people , we suggest when you set up Jobs you differentiate them by adding an extra descriptor in the Job Name eg Hammer-hand Team 3. In the Managers staff profile once you select Manage User for security clearance, the field ‘Let this person see and manage people who do this job’, will appear. Select the  job/s that match the staff they manage. 
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