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A 'Job' is the name PeopleSafe gives to each work role within an organisation. Think Jobs, based on what people do, not positions. Jobs in PeopleSafe are related to but often not the same as traditional Job Titles used in an organisation. In PeopleSafe a staff member can be - and often is - assigned multiple Jobs.

For example, a staff member may have the Job Title of 'Inwards Goods Assistant'; but in PeopleSafe, may be assigned Jobs of Warehouse Staff; Forklift Operator; and First Aider.
Training and Skills can then be assigned to the Jobs in PeopleSafe. So when you give a staff member a Job, PeopleSafe will know the specific training required for that job and give the Coordinator a task to upload the proof that the training has been completed.

Jobs primarily exist to provide an easy way to structure Training and Skill requirements, and for assigning Tasks, including reviewing of Safety Plans and Documents, to staff members. They are also used to provide Access Control for those with Manage Users security clearance, and to assist analysis of accidents and incidents reported via Tell Your Story.

How Jobs Help

Jobs allow staff to be grouped by the types and characteristics of work they do. This makes it efficient to manage training requirements, and makes it possible to quickly identify and show whether staff have the skills they need to do the work safely.  The aim of all this is that ultimately all staff are adequately trained to do all Jobs they're assigned.

The law requires:
“You'll need to assess what skills, training, and safety gear employees need, and what hazards they’re going to encounter when working. You should also give them the information they need, in a way they understand, to do their jobs safely.
It’s important to ensure supervisors have the right knowledge, experience, and time to supervise employees safely.”

For more information search the work safe site  : Work Safe - Managing Health and Safety

How Jobs Work

  • Jobs are stored as a list within the Training & Skills Settings in the PeopleSafe Settings section
  • Training Courses and Skills can be assigned to each Job. Either directly to the Job or to a Job Skillset.
  • Jobs are assigned to Staff Members, either when staff are first added into PeopleSafe, or anytime after.  
  • PeopleSafe uses Jobs to determine training requirements for each staff member.
  • PeopleSafe uses Jobs to assign access control for users with Manage Users security clearance, to determine which staff members they see, and which notifications they receive.
  • In PeopleSafe, the task of reviewing Safety Plans can be assigned to a Job. If a Job is not selected in the Safety Plan, users with Coordinator security clearance are given the task by default.
  • In PeopleSafe, the task of reviewing Documents can be assigned to a Job. If a Job is not selected in the Document, users with Coordinator security clearance are given the task by default.
  • PeopleSafe uses Jobs as a reporting category for Tell Your Story one-click reports.

Getting Started

The aim with setting up Jobs is to create a list that is a manageable size but has sufficient detail to cover each functional work role. 

Working with Safety Advisors
While organisations can generally work out an appropriate list of Jobs themselves, a Safety Advisor may be able to help prepare and check the Jobs list by helping analyse and group the risk areas of the work.

Using a 'Safety Hub'
If an organisation is connected to a Safety Hub, it may already contain a list of Jobs, which may either be sufficient; needing added to; or, needing to be replaced entirely.

If you are setting up a Safety Hub for your own organisation, please see Setting up a Safety Hub

If you are setting up an organisation, firstly, check whether your organisation is already connected to the PeopleSafe Safety Hub. If the pre-loaded PeopleSafe Jobs do not apply to your organisation you may delete some or all as required from the Manage Safety Hubs page.

If the organisation you’re managing has its own organisation-specific Safety hub, then consult with whoever manages that for your organisation before adding to or changing the Jobs list.

Expected Step by Step Process

  1. Check to see if Jobs are already added
  2. View existing Job records
  3. Add a new Job (Individual)
  4. Add a new Job (Bulk, via .CSV)
  5. Edit existing Jobs
  6. Delete/Deactivate Jobs as required

Adding, Editing or Deleting Jobs

Adding Jobs can be completed two ways, either one by one from the Jobs list or importing a prepopulated .CSV file. Please see our Adding Jobs and Importing Jobs via .CSV help articles to explain.

Editing and deleting Jobs can both be achieved once you've successfully navigated to view the full Jobs list. 

  1. Click on your Organisation's Name at the top left
  2. In the drop-down click on the Settings button
  3. Click on Jobs in the Training & Skills Settings section
  4. Click on the Job you want to edit or delete
  5. Click on the Options button
  6. In the drop-down click on either Edit or Delete 

Note:  Any Jobs displayed in Italics are subscribed from a Safety Hub and cannot be edited or deleted without first Managing the Safety Hubs your organisation are subscribed to.

Access Permissions

  • Only users with Coordinator Security Clearance can view the full Jobs list, and view, add, edit or delete Job records in Settings. 
  • Only users with Coordinator Security Clearance can assign Jobs to users Staff Profiles.
  • Any user (with Coordinator, Manage users, or Standard Staff security clearance) can view in their own profile the Jobs they have been assigned. 


Importing Jobs via .CSV

Additional Jobs can be imported at anytime, but must have unique names.

Multiple Jobs can be imported and assigned to users in the 'Import People CSV', however the Jobs must exist in separate CSV files. The Jobs field in 'Import People CSV' is the only field that does not rewrite the current data in the User Profile.

Deleting / Deactivating

Jobs can be deleted* at any time. This will remove the Job from the Profile of all staff members who have been assigned this Job. This will remove any future Training and Skill requirements from the relevant staff members, however it will not delete any existing Tasks related to these. These need to be removed manually.

*Any Jobs displayed in Italics are subscribed from a Safety Hub and cannot be deleted or deactivated individually.

In the context of Jobs, “Delete” and “Deactivate” effectively mean the same thing.

Related Processes and Tasks

Where a Job has Training and Skill requirements associated with it, the PeopleSafe application checks each night if each staff member who is assigned this Job is up-to-date with these requirements. If not, an email and a Task will be sent to Managers of the staff member and to PeopleSafe Coordinators, as detailed in Training and Skills.

Safety Plan Review Tasks, and Document Review Tasks, plus manually added Tasks assigned to a Job will be automatically assigned and notified to all staff members who have been assigned the relevant Job. 


Jobs are available as a reporting criteria in several different reports.
In Story Reporting: Job is a criteria available on the Smart List Reports, One-Click Reports, and Custom Reports. 

In People Reporting Jobs are used for Show all people without jobs and Managers and who they manage Reports.
Note: In Story Reporting, the Story does not attempt to record which of a staff member’s Jobs they were performing at the time, so a single story may appear related to multiple Jobs.

Known Limitations

Reporting for historic periods will be based on the current assignment of jobs to staff members.

Export Data

The Job List, and directly associated data can be exported in .CSV format at any time. How to: Export Data from PeopleSafe

Related Topics

PeopleSafe features and processes that make use of Jobs include:

  • Job Skillsets
  • Training Courses & Skills
  • Assigning Jobs to Staff
  • 'Manage Users' Security Clearance
  • Story Reports - by Job
  • Safety Plans
  • Safety Hubs

Further Help

For further help regarding adding or editing your Jobs list contact

For help advice and help regarding working out the contents of your Jobs list contact and we can recommend a PeopleSafe Advisor to your organisation.

External Resources:

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We refer you to the WorkSafe  Home page for assistance with  Codes of Practice. 

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