How Task Notifications Work

How will PeopleSafe notify me of Tasks?

When you get given a task it will automatically appear on your task list in your PeopleSafe account . If you have an email address in the 'work email address' field in your profile then you'll also get an email notifying you of the task with a link to jump straight into PeopleSafe and view it.

When will I get notification?

PeopleSafe will notify you as soon as the task has been created. This is the same if the task is a repeat. For example, if you have a gear check or meeting task that repeats every six months then when the task is completed PeopleSafe will automatically create the task that's due in six months time and add it to your task list.

I'm not getting any task notifications or reminders! Why's that?

If you have your email address in your Staff Profile you should be receiving PeopleSafe notifications. If you have your email address added and you're still not getting the notifications the next thing to check is that your profile has the On/Off buttons for receiving notifications (in the work section) selected to 'On'. Following that, it's worth checking your email inbox to make sure the notifications and reminders aren't being directed to your spam or junk mail folder. Then add PeopleSafe to your safe sender's sender list to stop this from happening.

I'm getting a 'Could not find or load that Task' error message when I click on the link in the email to review the story. What does it mean? 

There are a couple of reasons why this error message might show up.

Reason 1.
The story has already been reviewed so the review has been completed. Multiple people may have access the story or have been tasked to view it. Disregard the task notification.

Reason 2.
The receiver of the task doesn't have the correct security clearance or visibility of the story teller so will not be able to access the task. Check the users security clearance to confirm. Regard the task as a notification of incident and not a requirement to complete the task.

Reason 3.
The review task has been deleted and the story has not yet been reviewed. You'll still need to review the story even though the task has been deleted. You'll find a review button next to the story when in the smart list View of all Stories.

How do I stop Managers or Coordinators getting tasks about risks/safety plans/stories?

You can change this setting in the work section of the person's profile. There is an On/Off button that you can change depending on whether you want them to get the tasks that a Manager or Coordinator normally gets.