FAQs - Notification Emails and Txts

How do I amend settings so certain users receive emails and texts for StoryAnywhere reports?

There are several ways that people can receive notifications for Stories / StoryAnywhere alerts

Provided profiles are set up correctly, all PeopleSafe Coordinators, and any Manager who is assigned as the Manager of staff involved, will receive a Story Alert which contains main details of the Story, and will be assigned the Review Task.

So the first things to check are that the people you want to receive emails & texts  have their Security Clearance set to Coordinator, or Manager; that they have a Work Email set in their profile; and that 'Receive Notifications of Serious Events' and 'Assign and Notify Manager/Coordinator Tasks' are set to Yes in their profile.

With these set correctly, they should receive the expected emails. The key thing to note for Managers is that they will receive Potentially Serious notifications for all staff, but general notifications only for the staff in Jobs that they are assigned as managing.

Who gets story notifications?

Basically, all Coordinators receive them, and staff with Manage Users security clearance receive them when 'staff they manage' are involved. There are also "Serious Story Alerts', which don't include a Task but are a 'heads-up' that by default go to all Managers.

Help, I'm not getting email notifications. What's wrong?

Here are a few reasons you may not be receiving email notifications from PeopleSafe:

  • You will need to have your correct email address entered into the work email address field of your Staff Profile to receive PeopleSafe alerts. Only users with Coordinator security clearance will be able to add your email to this field.
  • It's possible that they're being stopped at your spam / junk email filter. If your organisation has an overall spam filter / firewall, then your System Administrator or I.T. Person can add the PeopleSafe Alerts email address, no-reply@peoplesafe.co.nz, to your whitelist. Or for individual users, an easy fix is to add the PeopleSafe Alerts email address, no-reply@peoplesafe.co.nz, to your Contacts List or "Safe Sender" list, this should work for most email applications.
  • Check that your 'Our Organisation' preferences for auto-generating tasks (Safety Plan, Training and Gear tasks) are set to Yes. Only users with Coordinator security clearance can edit this. Check out the Update Organisation Details related article below for how to do this.
  • For story notification emails make sure you have have Receive Notifications of Serious Events set to On in your User Profile. Only users with Coordinator security clearance can edit this.
  • For relevant Manager or Coordinator tasks make sure you have have Assign and Notify Manager/Coordinator Tasks set to On in your User Profile. Only users with Coordinator security clearance can edit this.

Why do I get emails from PeopleSafe in the middle of the night?

You get notifications in the wee hours of the morning because that is when our magic little process called "Chron" runs.
Chron has a look at your PeopleSafe site and finds all of the things that are coming up to expire, are overdue, need doing etc.
The benefits are that Chron gives you one consolidated email as opposed to sending you multiple emails during the day and allows our software the chance to complete this process during 'quiet' time without interruption. This is a standard SAAS (software as a service) procedure.
If you do not wish to hear the emails come through we would recommend setting a do not disturb action for emails arriving between 12am and 6am. Most email providers have this functionality as standard. And it would mean your phone can still make noise and alert you for those emergency call outs during the night.

Why am I not getting notified of expired training?

To receive notification of expired training you'll need to make sure that the training is a requirement of a Job. PeopleSafe checks the Jobs for training due to expire.