Find, Edit or Complete an Unreviewed Hazard/Risk Task

If you've received an email notification about an Unreviewed Risk Task *aka* Hazard Review Task, or you just  want to see all your Unreviewed Risks, you can  Find, Edit or Review the task (in order to Complete it), from your computer's web browser. An Unreviewed Risk Task is a PeopleSafe generated task, created when a new risk is added into PeopleSafe .

Risk Review Tasks are part of the Tell Your Story® process.  

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Find an Unreviewed Risk Task

There are a couple of different ways to get to  an Unreviewed Risk Task.  
You can find it using:

The email you received from PeopleSafe

The link in the email your received from PeopleSafe Notifications will take you directly to the task in PeopleSafe.

  1. Open the email you received from PeopleSafe Notifications, it will have the Subject - Unreviewed risk- [the risk] needs review by [date] 
  2. Click the link in the body of the email, it will open the task in your web browser. 
  3. Login to PeopleSafe if you're not already.

Your Task list

Find the Risk you're ready to review from your task list.

  1. Click the Tasks icon In the top menu bar.  
  2. In the Smart-list under Type in the top row, type HazardReview.
  3. Find the Risk you want to open.
  4. Click View to see full details. 

The Safety Plans Dashboard

If you've got  PeopleSafe Coordinator or Manage Users clearance you can also find the Risk from your Safety Plans dashboard.

  1. Click Safety Plans in the top menu bar. 
  2. Click Unreviewed Risks
  3. Use the Smart-list to find the Risk you want to see, click View to see full details. 

Note: Lists appear in chronological order starting with the oldest reported risk at the top.

If you can't find the Unreviewed Risk Task 

  • Check the filters on your task list to make sure under My Tasks/All Tasks: All Tasks is selected and under Status: All is selected. 
  • Check with your Manager or PeopleSafe Coordinator that they have given you access to the Risk Review Task.  (Your name needs to be selected under: Give to these People).

Edit an Unreviewed Risk Task

  1. Click the Options menu, in the top right of the task screen
  2. Click  Edit. 
  3. Make your changes. 
  4. Select Save, to save your changes or select Cancel if you don't want to save them.


You can add notes or attach files by clicking the Add Note and Attach File buttons in the body of the task when in the edit screen

Review an Unreviewed Risk Task to Complete it

You must have Manager User or higher security clearance to review an unreviewed risk.

  1. Go to the Unreviewed Risk Task screen you want to review.  
  2. Click Review, in the bottom right.
  3. Review the Risk by following the Risk Review process.  Check the information is correct and add further details if needed.
  4. Select Save, when you're ready to save your changes.

Note: For an Unreviewed Risk Task to be completed, it must be reviewed by a user listed in the Task screen under - Give to these people.  

More about New Risk to Review Tasks

  • A Hazard Review Task (*aka* Risk needs reviewing) is created when a new Risk is added as part of the Full Story Review Process. They can also be created when a Manage Users or PeopleSafe Coordinator Adds a Risk directly from the Risks Smart-list or from the Safety Plans dashboard by clicking Add New. The next step is to do a review that of risk. 
  • Hazard Review tasks are automatically given to all  PeopleSafe Coordinators and anyone that is a Manage User for the person adding the Risk into PeopleSafe, eg their boss. It can also be given to any other user by editing the task and adding them to it.
  • Once the Risk has been reviewed the HAZARD REVIEW Task will automatically be completed
  • Where a Risk has been rated as Serious a Safety Plan required Task is created.
  • You can edit the Due Date and the people that have been given the Task. You can also add Notes and Attachments from the Edit screen.
  • Manage Users can only review Risks added for Jobs they manage. (This means if they add a risk it's not automatic that they can review it.  If they don't manage the Job they do as set in their Staff Profile in the   Work Details section, they won't be able to review the risk).
  • A Hazard Review task is completed when a person with Manage Users clearance of the person adding the Risk or PeopleSafe Coordinator, edits and updates the details within the risk.  When you click Save, it completes the requirement for review.