FAQs - Booking or Tasking Training & Skills

Who can book training and skills?

Coordinators can book training and skills for everyone. Managers can book training and skills for themselves and the staff they manage.

What happens when I book or task someone for some training?

So soon as you book someone for training PeopleSafe will send them an alert via email and pop a task on their task list to let them know they have training to do. If the training is online they can log into PeopleSafe and do the training straight away. If the training's not online it's up to you and them to sort out details for when and where it's happening.
Note: You'll still need to contact your training provider directly to book your team in with them.

Can I book multiple people on the same Training Course at once?

You sure can, check out our articles on how to book training. Offline Training , Online Training .

How do I let people know what they have to do/bring with them for the training?

When you are setting up the training course you can add this information to “Things Staff Need To Know” section. Things like, bring complete workbook, photo ID, comfortable clothing etc.

A Manager was trying to book training for himself but it won't let him and he gets an error code 109003, why's that?

If you come across an error page that says 'WRITE ACCESS DENIED Person Completion 109003' that means your manager has tried to book themselves on training. Unless they have their own job added to the list of 'Let this person see & manage people who do these jobs' in their User Profile then they won't be able to book themselves on training.

What do I do if I've double booked training for staff? 

PeopleSafe will recognise if you have double booked training when it is completed. This means it will figure it out when either the double booked online training or offline training is recorded. Just tell your staff to complete one and the other should magically disappear.

I want to send a staff member on a training course (or record training for my staff) but it’s not in the drop-down list. How do I add it?

Learn how to create a new Online Learning Course

Remember, Training Courses represent all offline training (i.e. In-house training, Inductions, Licences, Offsite Training and NZQA qualifications). Once the training courses have been added to PeopleSafe, you can add them to jobs, skillsets, book them for people to do, or record that they've completed them.