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PeopleSafe Check-in is a really easy way for you to keep track of your visitors, contractors, merchandisers, and anyone else arriving or leaving your site. It also doubles as an emergency evacuation visitors register as well providing information to support contact tracing.

With PeopleSafe Check-in you will capture the  Name, Company Details, and Phone Number of the person coming to your site as well as who they are seeing or where they are going. It means you are doing your best to keep a record of the people that come onto your site. 

PeopleSafe Check-in is a web browser, based application with the basic features being able to be used on most smart devices.  Most common use is a device that sits at your reception or other entry access points for staff or visitors to sign-in and out. 

The great news is that the Check-in software is a standard feature available to any organisation with a PeopleSafe subscription.  So if you are already a PeopleSafe customer you can get up and running  using PeopleSafe Check-in in just a few minutes. 

Common use cases

Visitor Check-in

For visitors who don’t have an ID card, their details are manually typed in.  They enter their details for sign out as well. If you have a scanner and label printer installed the manual sign in will trigger a visitor sticker label to print. The sticker will have the visitors name, who they're representing and a QR code.They can then easily sign out using the code on their sticker.

PeopleSafe offers the option, at a small cost, of creating ID cards for you, if you wish to issue them to people who are regularly coming onto your site.

Staff Check-in

If you have a scanner as part of your gear set up, for Staff with a PeopleSafe ID card or the PeopleSafe App in their phone, the check-in process is super efficient. They simply scan the barcode on their ID card or QR code on their phone and go.  They can sign out in the same way by simply scanning their card or phone.  This one-step feature can be turned off if you require more information.

Notifications sent to person visitor has come to see

When a visitor signs in, the person they are coming to see will be instantly notified of their arrival by email. You also have the option of having this notification sent by TXT.  If you find the person ( Who)  or place (Where) does not appear on the system, this means they have not been added to your PeopleSafe account. You can add further people from the People section and add more Places from Settings under your Organisation name.

Check-in Log / Reports 

Anyone with Coordinator Security Clearance in your organisation can login to PeopleSafe and access a log showing who has been on your site. All they need is a smart device connected to the internet and they can see all the people who've signed in and out.

You can also run reports tailored to the information you require.

How PeopleSafe Check-in helps you keep visitor records

PeopleSafe Check-in records the details of all the people that have checked in and out of your site directly into your PeopleSafe Subscription.

This means that the information is available for multiple purposes including:

  • Contact Tracing 
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Record of when Contractors have attended site
  • Requirements under the HSWA

The information includes:

  • First and Last name
  • Company person is visiting from 
  • Contact Phone number
  • Time of Check in 
  • Time of Check out

How Check-in Works

PeopleSafe Check-in is a feature that turns most smart devices into a visitor sign-in system.
(While the feature does perform best with a touch screen, scanner, a visitor sticker label printer). 

The Basic Process for a visitor to check-in

  1. Person types First and Last name, selects next
  2. They add their Phone number, Company details
  3. They select either WHO or WHERE they are going
  4. They are now "checked in"
  5. If a label printer is attached a Visitor label will print automatically 
  6. An email or text message will be sent if a person was selected 

To check-out

  1. Scan the QR code on the visitor label, or
  2. Person needs to type in their first and last name 
  3. They will now be checked out.


  • Every person will be able to check in manually using the touch screen/keyboard to type in their details.
  • Users with a PeopleSafe ID card where their organisation has been connected to the site can sign in using their ID card. Check-in will recognise their name and what business/organisation they're representing.
  • Users with a PeopleSafe ID card where their organisation has NOT been connected using their ID card however Check-in will only recognise their name and NOT the business/organisation they're representing.

How to start PeopleSafe Check-in

NOTE: Only Users with Coordinator Security Clearance can start and exit PeopleSafe Check-in

  1. Go to Settings in Your Organisations Subscription
  2. Scroll down to Administrator Settings and find PeopleSafe Check-in
  3. Click Start Check-in
  4. It will ask if you are sure
  5. Click Yes

Your browser will now be "locked" into PeopleSafe Check-in mode.  So you will not be able to use the PeopleSafe Application in that browser until it has been unlocked.  To do this you need to type 'exitnow' in the First and Last name box, and then enter your PeopleSafe Username and Password.


Check-in reports allow users with Coordinator Security Clearance to report on:

  • All people who've checked into your PeopleSafe site.
  • The other sites your staff have checked in to (they will need to use their PeopleSafe ID card). 
  • All active visitors on your site right now

More About PeopleSafe Check-in

If I am not representing a company or organisation, what do I write in the "Who am I representing" box?

Even if you are not representing a particular company or organisation you are still representing yourself. You can put your own name again or 'Myself' in the 'Who are you representing' box.

Why do I need to type in who I am coming to visit?

PeopleSafe Check-in will alert the person you're coming to visit immediately, cutting down your waiting time and keeping track of where you are in case of an emergency.

The person I came to visit didn't receive an email notifying them of my arrival, what's happened?

There are a couple of reasons why someone might not get the email notifying them of your arrival. It could be that they don't have their email address in the work email field in their PeopleSafe profile. It could be their email was momentarily down and PeopleSafe couldn't establish a connection with their server. It could be the settings on their email that don't sync frequently enough to receive the email immediately.

Help my device won't connect to Check-in! What do I do? 

If your device won't or can't connect to PeopleSafe Check-in the first thing to do is to check that you have a secure internet connection to your device. The most common problem that we see is when your device's internet signal drops off (your provider's server has problems) or a secure connection can't be made from the router to your device. 
If it's a problem between your router and your internet provider's server you'll need to contact them directly for a resolution. 
To see if it's a WiFi problem check the internet connect via an ethernet cable, if the internet runs fine it may be a WiFi signal problem.

What if Check-in doesn't display the company I work for when I sign in with my PS ID card?

If Check-in doesn't recognise the company you represent there could be a few reasons why:

  • You are not connected to the organisation anymore. You'll need to get in contact with your organisation's PeopleSafe Coordinator to get you connected.
  • You are not an active staff member of the organisation. You'll need to contact your organisation's PeopleSafe Coordinator to make you an active staff member. 
  • Your organisation isn't connected to the site you are visiting. Your Coordinator will need to check the site you're visiting is a 'Connected Organisation'.

Can I add a message to the Check-in display screen if there's something I want to tell visitors/contractors coming on site?

Anyone with PeopleSafe Coordinator clearance can add a 'Message of the Day' to the Check-in screen. This is done from the Our Organisation screen when it's in edit mode.
Click on your Organisation name on the top left, click Our Organisation, click the Options menu in the top right of the screen. Click Edit. In the first section of your organisation details add a message into the Message of the Day on Check-in field. Click Save. Your message will appear on the Check-in screen.  

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