Add a new Task

Tasks are created in PeopleSafe for different things; training that’s needed or updated, or some work that needs doing. They do not have to be linked to a Story.  

Add a new Task

New tasks can be added into PeopleSafe from your Task list

  1. Click  the Tasks icon in the top menu bar
  2. Click Add New  in the top right of the Tasks screen.
  3. Enter task details.
  4. Click Save when you are done.
  5. More Tasks can be added from the end screen.

 Note: You can add notes or attach files by clicking the Add Note and Attach File buttons in the body of the task when in the task screen.       

More about adding Tasks

  • When a new task is added , an email or TXT (if serious) notification is sent to the person or people the task has been given to. A record is kept in PeopleSafe and until the work or training or gear check etc is done and the task completed, the task won't go away.
  • Tasks can be given to any staff in your Organisation, including to yourself.
  • PeopleSafe Coordinators or Manager's of staff ( Manage Users) only,  can add new tasks.