Find a Task

Your tasks can be found by clicking the Tasks icon in the top menu bar. This will display all the tasks you have been given.

Find an individual Task

There are a couple of ways to find tasks.  You can find them using:

The Email you received from PeopleSafe Notifications

The link in the email you received from PeopleSafe Notifications will take you directly to the task in PeopleSafe.

  1. Open the email you received from PeopleSafe Notifications. The Subject will tell you what type of task it is.
  2.  Click the link in the body of the email, this will open the task in your web browser. 
  3. You will need to login to PeopleSafe, if your not already.

 Your Task List 

Find the task you want to see from your task list.

  1. Click the Tasks icon in the top menu bar, . 
  2. Scroll down, use the Smart-list filters or search field to narrow the number of Tasks you’re seeing. 
  3. Click View on the Task you want to see. 

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