How StoryAnywhere Notifications Work

When someone sends a story using the Mobile App, a StoryAnywhere Alert arrives via email and/or TXT message. It is intended to give you some basic information about the Story without having to login to the web application. This means if you're on the run and don't have quick access to a web browser, you still have a good idea of what happened.

The email Alert is sent to PeopleSafe Coordinators and Managers (if the person sending the story is someone they manage). If the story is rated as 'serious' ie the person has selected 'HURT' in StoryAnywhere, they will also receive a TXT message.  

1. Email Notification (Sent for all StoryAnywhere Tasks) 

The Email tells you:

  • Who sent the Alert
  • The details they added
  • The rating they gave the story
  • The approximate location if they chose to include it 
  • A link to the StoryAnywhere Task that has been added. (Here you can see any attachments or notes they have added)

2. Mobile/TXT Notification ( Sent for "Hurt" StoryAnywhere Tasks)

If the Story is rated 'serious' a TXT notification is also sent to make sure that the information gets to the right people, pronto.

More about Notifications 

  • Notifications are a really important part of PeopleSafe's approach to inspire people to share their safety stories so that everyone can do their best to keep people safe. When safety conversations are happening day to day, risks are identified and acted on. 
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